Hello, my name is Tom Dankel, I'm President & CAA (Chief Automotive Archaeologist) here at Global Auto Source (G.A.S.). 

Many of you have a childhood memory or a dream of that special car, truck or motorcycle. With our knowledge base and worldwide contacts, we WILL source even the most hard to find vehicle, and fulfill your dream. Although we specialize in rare and high-performance Fords, specifically Shelby Mustangs and Cobra's, we have a broad access base of respected contacts within every marque. 

You have thought about this for years, now let us take the next step together, and find you that toy that you've worked so hard for. 

If you have a specialty vehicle you want to sell, that is beyond the usual marketing avenues, we can certainly help you with that by getting your specialty car / truck / motorcycle in front of the right audience.

Of course, we have many references, and look forward to working with you.

Your team at G.A.S., Global Auto Source.


"Placing unique cars with the unique people who seek them"


E-mail: likes2drive@gmail.com


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Along with 13 other gear heads (11 other Shelby's, one Ford GT, and one Bullitt Mustang for a total of 14 cars), we started off in the Netherlands, then Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, France, Belgium and returned to NL. 

One day we had breakfast in Austria, lunch in Switzerland and dinner in Italy. This was a drivers trip with high speed passes (sustained 160mph) on the Autobahn, laps at both the Nurburgring and Le Mans, the Alps and Dolomite mountain passes of Stelvio and Silvretta, the F1 tunnel of Monte Carlo..... the list goes on ...... 

Here is the first run of pix, some I took myself, some I've downloaded from other postings that were of the trip as well. This is just a small sampling...

Final mileage total was 3148 miles (5066 kilometers), with the lions share of that driven in a 10 day period.

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Shelby Euro Run 2012